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School of Policy Studies Department of Urban Studies
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社会的ジレンマ解決の成功/失敗を規定する要因の一つとして社会関係資本(social capital)に着目し、行為者が構成する社会関係ネットワークのもつどのような特性が社会的ジレンマにおける非協力的行動を抑制するのかについて調べている。

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  • Degree name:修士(文学)
    Classified degree field:Humanities & Social Sciences / Sociology
    Conferring institution:Tohoku University
    Acquisition way:Coursework
    Date of acquisition:1987.03

  • Degree name:工学修士
    Classified degree field:Social Infrastructure (Civil Engineering, Architecture, Disaster Prevention) / Building structures and materials
    Conferring institution:Tohoku University
    Acquisition way:Coursework
    Date of acquisition:1982.03

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  • Affiliation:Kwansei Gakuin University
    Date:1996.04 -

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  • Academic society name:日本社会学会
    Academic country located:Japan

  • Academic society name:数理社会学会
    Academic country located:Japan

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  • Research field:Humanities & Social Sciences / Sociology

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Language: English
    Title: Commons Dilemma and the Tragedy of the Commons
    Journal name: #IJournal of Mathematical Sociology#IR  (14(4))
    Date of publication: 1989.03
    Author(s): HASEGAWA Keiji

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)
    Co-author classification: Single Author

Books 【 display / non-display

  • Language: Japanese
    Title: 盛山和夫・海野道郎編『秩序問題と社会的ジレンマ』第7章「共有地の悲劇―資源管理と環境問題」
    Publisher: ハーベスト社
    Date of publication: 1991.09
    Author(s): 長谷川 計二

    Type of books: Scholarly book
    Authorship:Sole author