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School of Sociology
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グローバル化・ナショナル化・多様化, 文化多様性の包含と共生, 越境対話の作法

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  • Research field:Humanities & Social Sciences / Sociology

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  • Language: English
    Title: Pop-culture diplomacy in Japan: soft power, nation branding and the question of ‘international cultural exchange’
    Journal name: International Journal of Cultural Policy  vol.21  (4)  (p.419 - 432)
    Date of publication: 2015.06
    Author(s): Koichi Iwabuchi

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)
    Co-author classification: Single Author

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  • Language: English
    Title: Resilient Borders and Cultural Diversity: Internationalism, Brand Nationalism, and Multiculturalism in Japan
    Publisher: Lexington Books
    Date of publication: 2015.05
    Author(s): Koichi Iwabuchi

    Type of books: Scholarly book
    Authorship: Sole author

  • Language: English
    Title: Recentering globalisation: Popular culture and Japanese transnationalism
    Publisher: Duke University Press
    Date of publication: 2002.12
    Author(s): Koichi Iwabuchi

    Type of books: Scholarly book
    Authorship: Sole author

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  • Language: English
    Conference name: Globalization, Digitalization and Renationalization
    International/Domestic presentation: International presentation
    Holding date: 2018.11 - 2018.12
    Title: Keynote speech
    Presentation type: Oral presentation (keynote)