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  • Job function organization:Kwansei Gakuin University School of Business Administration
    Career:Assistant Professor
    Duties period:2022.04 -

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  • Field of expertise (Grants-in-aid for Scientific Research classification):Accounting


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  • Written language: Other
    Title of paper: 「IFRS第13号『公正価値測定』の開示の質に関する現況比較―韓国および日本企業を中心として―」(韓国語)
    Publication title: 『会計情報研究』  vol.第39  (第2)  (p.145 - 167)
    Date of issue: 2021.06
    Name of author(s): 丁男澈,鄭錫佑,杉本徳栄,玉川絵美

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)
    Co-author classification: Joint Work

Review Papers,Investigation Report 【 display / non-display

  • Written language:Other
    Title of review paper:「財務報告のための公正価値の測定方法と開示の実態ーIFRS任意適用企業によるIFRS第13号『公正価値測定』の適用状況ー」
    Publication title:『週刊 経営財務』  (No.3440)
    Date of issue:2020.01
    Name of author(s):杉本徳栄, 玉川絵美

    Type of publication:Introduction and explanation (commerce magazine)
    Co-author classification:Joint Work

Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Presentation (Written) language: Other
    Conference Name: 2020年 韓国会計情報学会 秋季学術発表大会
    Conference classification: International conference
    Meeting period: 2020.11
    Topic / Session title: 「IFRS第13号『公正価値測定』の開示の質に関する現況比較―韓国および日本企業を中心として―」(韓国語)
    Form of presentation: Oral Presentation(general)

  • Presentation (Written) language: English
    Conference Name: 国際会計研究学会第35回研究大会
    Conference classification: Internal meeting
    Meeting period: 2018.09
    Topic / Session title: “Usefulness of Comprehensive Business Reporting Model proposed by CFA Institute: Focusing on Statement of Changes in Net Assets Available to Common Shareowners”
    Form of presentation: Oral Presentation(general)