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グローバル教育, シチズンシップ教育, ユースワーク, 人権
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Graduating School 【 display / non-display

  • Graduating School:Osaka City University
    Faculty:Faculty of Commerce

    Kind of school:University
    Date of graduation:1991.03
    Completion status:Graduated
    Country location code:Japan

Graduate School 【 display / non-display

  • Graduate school:Doshisha University
    Department:Graduate School, Division of American Culture

    Course completed:Doctor's Course
    Date of completion:2000.03
    Completion status:Accomplished credits for doctoral program

Studying abroad experiences 【 display / non-display

  • Name of institution: Institute of Education
    Name of job or career: Visiting Academic
    Date: 2013.08 - 2014.02

Research History 【 display / non-display

  • Affiliation:Kwansei Gakuin University
    Department:School of Education Department of Education
    Title:Associate Professor
    Date:2009.04 -

  • Affiliation:Seiwa College
    Title:Associate Professor (as old post name)
    Date:2008.04 - 2009.03

  • Affiliation:Seiwa College
    Title:Assistant Professor
    Date:2000.04 - 2008.03

  • Title:Lecturer
    Date:1994.04 - 2000.03

Research Areas 【 display / non-display

  • Research field:Humanities & Social Sciences / Area studies

  • Research field:Humanities & Social Sciences / Sociology of education

Papers 【 display / non-display

  • Language: Japanese
    Title: 学生YMCAハンセン病療養所訪問プログラム50年史の研究―若者のボランティア行動がひらくライフストーリー
    Journal name: 『関西学院大学 人権研究』第24号  (24)  (p.1 - 21)
    Date of publication: 2020.03
    Author(s): 岩坂 二規

    Type of publication: Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution)
    Co-author classification: Single Author

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  • Language: Japanese
    Title: 人権研究におけるボランティア行動の意義と評価―学生YMCAによるハンセン病療養所訪問プログラムをもとに
    Journal name: 関西学院大学人権研究  (19)  (p.33 - 43)
    Date of publication: 2015.03
    Author(s): 岩坂 二規

    Type of publication: Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution)
    Co-author classification: Single Author
    Field of experts:Humanities & Social Sciences / Sociology of education

  • Language: Japanese
    Title: 英国のシティズンシップ(市民性)教育とユースワーク-理論と領域の枠組み
    Journal name: 教育学論究  (6)  (p.41 - 50)
    Date of publication: 2014.12
    Author(s): 岩坂 二規

    Type of publication: Research paper (bulletin of university, research institution)
    Co-author classification: Single Author
    Field of experts:Humanities & Social Sciences / Education

  • Language: Japanese
    Title: 地域子育て支援拠点事業における要支援家庭アセスメント指標の作成
    Journal name: 2011年度関西学院大学共同研究(一般研究C)
    Date of publication: 2012.03
    Author(s): 前橋 信和 他

    Type of publication: Research paper (conference, symposium, etc.)
    Co-author classification: Multiple Authorship

  • Language: Japanese
    Title: 持続可能な開発のための教育とグローバル教育
    Journal name: 関西学院大学教育学論究第3号
    Date of publication: 2011.12
    Author(s): 岩坂 二規

    Type of publication: Research paper (scientific journal)
    Co-author classification: Single Author

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Books 【 display / non-display

  • Language: Japanese
    Title: 道-「大島ワーク」の50年
    Publisher: 関西学院大学生活協同組合書籍部
    Date of publication: 2019.03
    Author(s): 岩坂二規, 前田ゆたか, 大前信一, 高田敦子, 藤田百合子, 桃山龍太, 津村樹理, 花岡南, 赤松真希

    Type of books: Report
    Authorship: Joint editor

  • Language: Japanese
    Title: 教師と人権教育-公正、多様性、グローバルな連帯のために
    Publisher: 明石書店
    Date of publication: 2018.07
    Author(s): 藤原孝章, 北山夕華, 橋崎頼子, 野崎志帆, 小松真理子, 岩坂泰子, 岩坂二規, 阿久澤麻理子, 川口広美, 南浦涼介

    Type of books: Scholarly book
    Area of responsibility: 第6章 人権とグローバルな変化
    Authorship: Contributor

  • Language: Japanese
    Title: キリスト教教育事典
    Publisher: 日本キリスト教団出版局
    Date of publication: 2010.03
    Author(s): 今橋朗、奥田和弘(監修)、荒井仁、古谷正仁(編集)

    Type of books: Dictionary, encyclopedia
    Area of responsibility: ソーシャルアクション、ソーシャルムーブメントの項
    Authorship: Contributor

MISC 【 display / non-display

  • Language:Japanese
    Journal name:『青松』第69巻第4号  (国立療養所大島青松園協和会)
    Date of publication:2012.08
    Author(s):岩坂 二規

    Type of publication:Book review, literature introduction, etc.
    Co-author classification:Single Author

  • Language:Japanese
    Journal name:2011年度関西学院大学共同研究(一般研究C)
    Date of publication:2012.03
    Author(s):岩坂 二規

    Type of publication:Meeting report
    Co-author classification:Multiple Authorship

  • Language:Japanese
    Journal name:地域子育て支援拠点ハンドブック
    Date of publication:2011.12
    Author(s):岩坂 二規

    Type of publication:Article, review, commentary, editorial, etc. (bulletin of university, research institution)
    Co-author classification:Multiple Authorship

Presentations 【 display / non-display

  • Language: Japanese
    Conference name: 関西学院大学環境教育研究センター定例研究会
    International/Domestic presentation: International presentation
    Holding date: 2014.05
    Title: 英国における市民性教育およびユースワークの現状に関する研究
    Presentation type: Oral presentation (general)

  • Language: Japanese
    Conference name: 関西学院大学教育学部2011年度第1回FD研究会
    International/Domestic presentation: Domestic presentation
    Holding date: 2011.07
    Title: 教育学部におけるESDと参加型授業実践
    Presentation type: Oral presentation (invited, special)